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Ambien is a pharmaceutical drug that is commonly sold in the US for its brand name. Other forms of the same brand are – Ambien (immediate-release), Ambien CR (extended-release), and Intermezzo (sublingual tablets). Also, it is readily available in its generic form by the name Zolpidem. You may not know, but in comparison with brand medicines, generic medicines are invariably cheaper in price. However, it would help if you referred to a health professional before you buy Ambien online or its generic form.

The drug is actively in use for the medicinal properties it posses on the human mind. Most doctors prescribe Ambien for the treatment of insomnia in patients. It is a hypnotic/sedative medication that directly affects the CNS or Central Nervous System. The drug will endure its impact by making you fall asleep and maintain the same for at least 6 to 7 hours.

There are different conditions of insomnia under which a person may face difficulty in falling asleep at night. Even after he/she can sleep, it may not be for an entire period, usually about 8 hours. Therefore, the drug will initiate adequate sleep resulting in maintaining the sound asleep for the whole night. Doctors may individualize the dosage of Ambien as per the condition of the patient. The drug can be used to treat symptoms of insomnia and acute insomnia.

Available Dosage of Ambien –

There are several formulations of Ambien drug that you may use depending upon the severity of the condition. Your doctor may prescribe to use extended-release or immediate-release medicines as per your body’s requirement. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has advised women to start with a lower dose of the drug. It is so because lower strength tablets will have less risk involved with the potential to cause abuse.

The various doses of Ambien formulation include the following –

  • Ambien – 5mg and 10mg
  • Ambien CR – 6.25mg and 12.5mg
  • Intermezzo – 1.75mg and 3.5mg

If you are thinking of applying to any of these doses, you must take its prescription first from the doctor. It is said that a physician can tell you the correct dosage amount of Ambien that will be effective. Also, you can order Ambien online as per the prescription dose that the doctor issues.

How does Ambien work?

When you take the correct dosage form of Ambien that suits your condition, it will help in overcoming the problem of insomnia. Often people who buy Ambien online have the prescription of the drug. Furthermore, it will promote the proper usage of the drug without causing any side effects.

The tablets of Ambien increase the activity of GABA receptors inside the brain. It is a particular type of neurotransmitter that serves as a messenger between the nerve cells and the brain. In addition, the GABA receptors will inhibit the activity of neurons that resolves the issue of insomnia in patients. You can use Ambien as per your health expert’s guidelines to promote sound sleep without any disturbance.  

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